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Transforming the future of medicine with prescriptive wellness.

Prevent, treat and reverse disease

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Function and perform at your best

Live a healthier, happier and longer life

Increase energy and mental clarity

Function and perform at your best

Live a healthier, happier and longer life

Join me, and other leading experts in lifestyle medicine, for deep conversations around the science of health and longevity. Get exclusive access to the latest research and tools to help you achieve an extraordinary life. 

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Simple plant-based recipes to add healthy years onto your life. 

Actionable steps to build sustainable solutions for your health challenges.

The latest research and resources to empower your whole health. 




Hi I’m Dr. Sharon Bergquist, an internal medicine physician and scientist, with nearly three decades of experience working at the forefront of preventive care, healthy aging and lifestyle medicine.

My mission is to empower you to take control of your health and offer the support you need to live a happier, healthier life. 

meet Sharon bergquist, M.D.

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"Awesome Podcast!! This podcast is fun and informative for all things wellness. It’s great to listen to such a great culmination of experts in all types of wellness fields. I look forward to the episodes each week!"

podcast listener

"This is the most comprehensive approach to sustainable weight loss I've encountered yet. If I don't succeed armed with this information, that will be on me! Brilliant way to reset the brain to eat well."

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"Dr. Bergquist appears to be an independent thinker, a truth-seeker, and a teacher at heart, not only for herself but also for her patients, podcast audience, lecture attendees and her own family – where she walks the talk."

Katharine (corporate well-being coach)

"Dr. Bergquist is extremely caring and exceptionally talented. She listens to her patients. She is an exemplar of the perfect doctor!"


"Dr. Bergquist is tremendously empathetic to individual patients’ struggles and aligns her care to meet their needs. She embodies all of what we are taught to strive for as healers."



Make changes today to live a better future.

A lower quality of life that leaves you unable to do the things you love

Common diseases that can shorten your lifespan 

Physical or cognitive limitations that keep you from achieving your goals

Accelerated aging that makes you feel much older than you actually are

Without a whole body, lifestyle-based approach to health, you’re at greater risk for:

I’m here to remove the guesswork and confusion from healthy living and aging with clear, effective steps to help you live a longer life and reach your full potential.  

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