How Happiness & Lifestyle factors impact Health and Longevity with Dr. Iris Schrijver


Episode Summary

Why does what we eat matter for our health and wellbeing?

“The more fruits and veggies you eat, the more you do for your health, your longevity, your happiness, it even lifts your mood.”

Dr. Iris Schrijver is a certified Lifestyle medicine physician, specializing in clinical pathology and molecular genetics. She’s an adjunct clinical professor of pathology at the Stanford University School of Medicine and a past president of the association for Molecular Pathology. Dr. Schrijver served as Medical Director of Clackamas Volunteers in Medicine and is now developing a lifestyle medicine service there. Because she believes that healthcare is a basic human right, her dedication to patients in medical progress through science has resulted in the publication of many original research articles, book chapters, and books. Together with her husband and astrophysicist, she wrote “Living with the Stars”, a popular science book about connections between the human body and the universe. Her goal is to make sure that everyone can get high-quality health care via lifestyle medicine.

In this conversation, Dr. Iris discusses the impact of lifestyle factors and happiness on health and longevity. She shares her journey from Genetics & Pathology to Lifestyle Medicine and how medicine is shifting with its new approach. She explains homeostasis and ways to prevent cancer by early detection. She talks about why good health matters and the typical timespan between disease diagnosis & discovery. She also shares what impacts our health the most: food, exercise, or genes. She explains how happiness contributes to health and longevity, how to be really happy despite challenges, the role of money in happiness, and why happy people live longer. She also touches upon the key lessons from the 75-year-old study on health and happiness. She highlights four factors that reduce lifespan – smoking & alcohol, lack of physical activity, the way we eat, and obesity. Tune in to learn more!

In this episode, you will learn:

• The science behind health and well-being

• The importance of lifestyle in maintaining health

• The meaning of homeostasis and how to determine it

• The six pillars of lifestyle medicine and how to apply them

• The connection between body and mind in health and well being

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