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Episode Summary

Anoop Kumar, MD is an emergency physician, the Co-founder of Health Revolution, and the creator of the Health Jumpstart program. He has authored two books, Michelangelo’s Medicine and Is This a Dream? In this episode, we discuss Anoop’s experiences in emergency medicine and how he is using his medical background to redefine the meaning of health and healthcare.

“When we activate what we call primary medicine, these engines of nutrition, movement, connection and rest, some kind of healing always ensues, and it’s always customized for that person in that way, whatever it means to them.”

Anoop also describes the four main pillars of healing and explains how we can use them to create sustainable, healthy habits. As an emergency physician, he emphasizes that the pillar of rest, which includes sleep and stress relief, is just as important as nutrition, movement, and connection.

“That’s when I practiced all of these things, and that’s where this comes from… so if I go into the ER now, it’s very different than when I went in ten or 15 years ago, and that’s not only because of the experience.”

Here are the details of our conversation:

[00:01:38] Anoop’s journey in emergency medicine

[00:05:11] Completing our view of the human body

[00:07:02] Defining health and healing

[00:10:18] Recognizing the process of healing

[00:11:50] The four pillars of healing

[00:21:48] Improving sleep quality

[00:25:05] Practicing stress relief and mindfulness

Episode Notes

Anoop Kumar, MD is Co-founder of Health Revolution, creator of the Health Jumpstart program, host of the Healing Is Possible podcast, a front-line emergency physician, and author of the books Michelangelo’s Medicine and Is This a Dream? He was drawn to the philosophy of Vedanta early in his life, especially its profound views on the complete anatomy of the human being–a perspective missing from modern medical science. Informed by this, he communicates a compelling narrative about the power each person has to heal and discover what true health means. Dr. Kumar is Board-Certified in Emergency Medicine and has a Master’s degree in Management with a focus on Health Leadership.


Anoop’s Website:

Anoop on Instagram and LinkedIn

Health Revolution and the Health Revolution Jumpstart Program

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