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Join me and other pioneers within lifestyle medicine and wellness, for intimate, behind the scenes conversations about the science of health and longevity. Get access to cutting edge research and discover natural ways to improve your wellbeing in your daily life.

Welcome to the exciting future of healthcare where you have the power to take charge of your health and live a happier, healthier life.

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"Super Informative Show!
I love this show - great topics, easy to listen to and just plain good content."

"This is an open minded lifestyle centric doctor who has like minded doctors and other professionals on to discuss their specialties and knowledge. Great and succinct interviews and the host really let’s the guest shine."

"Incredible podcast with MDs and guest speakers who give advice on healing the body from the inside out. Dr. Bergquist goes above and beyond with the words and advice she gives in order that our bodies are healed and restored in the most natural ways, and brings in speakers with specific knowledge on their clinical speciality."


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"This podcast is fun and informative for all things wellness. It’s great to listen to such a great culmination of experts in all types of wellness fields. I look forward to the episodes each week!!!"

Love our podcast too? Leave a review!